Here is a selection of tracks I have played on. They range from Country to Jazz to Pop. Some of them I have recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered as well as played on.

Mixing Show Reel Example

Kelsey Bovey reached number 1 in the iTunes Country charts. She asked me to play Drum Kit on her EP's and Singles. 

Stuart Rolfe is a Country artist who asked me to play drums on his EP 'No Gas Lost Roads'.  

KoCapoli are a band I play with from Devon. I played Drum Kit, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered these singles, along with the Cold Lips Single 'Muddy Water'

Wes Chamberlain is a Devon artist who asked me to mix and master his new EP and Single. 

Alpha Tide are a band from Devon who asked me to play Drum Kit, Mix and Master there Album and EP's. 

Alex Lloyd asked me to Record, Play Drum Kit and Mix his First EP 'What In The World' and then Record, Mix and Master his Second EP 'Beyond Horizons'.

These are three singles I recorded, Played on, Produced, Mixed and Mastered myself.